What We Investigate

Did this collision occur as stated? Is this case insurance fraud?

We will investigate the damage and the statements to determine if they match.  We are able to determine if the collision was a parked and unoccupied vehicle or if the vehicle was in motion at the time of the collision.

Are the injuries claimed by the occupants consistent with the collision?

We will investigate the forces created in the collision and how the forces translate to the occupants.  We are able to give an opinion to the likelihood of the injuries occurring as claimed. 

Event Data Recorder

Using the BOSCH Crash Data Retrieval program we are able to access the Event Data Recorder for most vehicles. 

(There are a limited number of vehicles which are not supported by the BOSCH software)


Collision Reconsrtuction

We have the ability to reconstruct a collision to determine the pre-impact speeds of one or both vehicles.  We help to determine the cause of a collision and determine if either of the parties could have taken actions to avoid or minimize the collision.  

An example would be to show that one party was speeding and did not attempt to brake prior to a collision with another party who was turning left.  The party turning left is at fault but the party speeding may have had fault in the collision as well. 


Physical Inspections

We are available to do physical inspections of the vehicles involved in the collision as well as investigate the scene of the collision.   This can give the expert valuable information to help with the investigation.



We are available for deposition and courtroom testimony for any case we work.

We apply the highest level of ethics and will not give an opinion we are unable to testify to later.


 We provide verbal and/or written reports of our investigation.  Our reports detail our findings in a way which is easy to understand. The reports will document our review of presented material and an analysis of the information.  They will include a conclusion aimed at answering the initial questions of the collision.   


Who should I choose? Engineer vs Law Enforcement professional

When looking to have a traffic collision reconstructed there are many options to consider.  One of the biggest is whether to use someone with an engineering background or a law enforcement background.  While an engineer has experience working on cases they have been hired for, they do not always understand the application of the laws and the collision scenes in the same way a law enforcement professional would. A law enforcement professional has field experience at traffic collision scenes while the vehicles are still on site and have talked to the drivers along with witnesses immediately following a collision.  Both engineers and law enforcement professionals use the same mathematical equations and the same computer programs. The difference comes down to field experience.


About Ryan

Ryan Bodily is the lead consultant.  Ryan is currently a Vehicular Homicide Detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.  He has been in Law Enforcement for over 23 years with an emphasis in traffic for 16 of those years.   He has investigated over 3,000 traffic collisions during his career.  These investigations include field work and report review.   As of February 2020, he has been the lead investigator of 98 fatal traffic collisions of which 50 have led to criminal prosecution.  Ryan is a Bosch certified technician for the imaging of a vehicle's Event Data Recorder.  He is also certified to analyze the report produced by the software.  Ryan has over 500 hours of California P.O.S.T. approved training classes regarding the subject of Traffic Collision Investigation and DUI Investigation.  These classes include Basic Traffic Investigation, Intermediate Traffic Investigation, Advanced Traffic Investigation, Traffic Reconstruction, Vehicle vs Pedestrian/Bicycle Reconstruction, Motor Vehicle Inspection, Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Analysis, DUI, Advanced Roadside Impairment, and Computerized Diagramming.

New Case Form

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Retainer for Case

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Fee Schedule

Payment Terms

  • Invoices will be submitted on a regular basis, generally monthly.  Payment is due in full upon completion of case and receipt of final invoice.
  • Invoices that remain unpaid longer than thirty (30) days past the date on the invoice shall be charged interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (annual rate of 18%).  This late fee only applies to the final invoice of the case. 
  • The case must be paid in full prior to any Expert Witness duties being performed.  Prepayment is required for court and deposition testimony no less than 5 business days before the scheduled testimony.
  • Payment for any service(s) provided by Bodily's Traffic Collision Consulting and Reconstruction, LLC is not dependent upon the findings rendered, nor upon the results of any legal action, mediation, arbitration , settlement, contractual or legal obligation of the client to others.
  • Bodily's Traffic Collision Consulting and Reconstruction, LLC reserves the right to change fees/rates and billing polices at any time and without notice.  However, once a case has been accepted, the billing and policies established at the time of case will remain in effect for the duration of the case.  Any changes in the billing policies will only affect new cases.
  • Checks can be made payable to Bodily's Traffic Collision Consulting and Reconstruction, LLC and mailed to 2010 W Avenue K #550, Lancaster Ca 93534.  Credit card payments are accepted on this website, on PayPal or by phone. 

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